Me with a suitably reflective expression and with my back, quite literally, against the wall.

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About Me

Born in Hong Kong but hailing from Prescot in Merseyside, culturally life really started when hearing The Beatles, the opening riff of The Stones ‘Satisfaction’ and Dickens ‘Christmas Carol’.

As a writer I’ve had my material used on BBC Radio comedy shows on Radio 2 and 4, and was winner of a monologue competition on Radio 5 with my monologue Salt and Vinegar. I was also a Shadow Writer on two series of Channel 4 comedy drama Shameless. Currently I am on the 2022 Stage Write Development Programme at The Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool.

My song ‘Blinded (Not Anymore)’ was chosen as a Pick Of The Week by online radio station Radio Airplay in New York and ‘Your Truest Faith’ as Track of the Week by Blues & Roots Radio based in Montreal. Music videos are also available on YouTube, such as ‘When You Wake up Tomorrow’

But like most writers my story is one of regular rejections and constant confidence knocks that need to be overcome, so my blogs will mainly be humorous takes on the absurdities and the joys of trying to be a script-writer and a songwriter, and occasionally about the absurdities and joys of life itself.

Inspirations since then are too numerous to mention, but my main inspiration is my family, first, last and always.

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