Whilst admittedly not being the most prolific of bloggers, I will be for the next few months somewhat less productive on the blogging front, albeit for a positive reason.

In January I was one of sixteen writers from the north-west region of England to be selected for a 9-month Writing Development Programme at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool.

I began the writing programme in mid-February but was hoping to keep up my blogs. However, with my latest post being as far back as February 22nd; just over a week after the programme began, this has obviously been less realistic than I imagined.

The writing workload since starting the course has been heavy, and productive, but stimulating. Each of us are currently working on the first half of our individual plays, the first draft of which needs to be in by April 13th. Following submission, we will receive notes on our draft for future re-writes, and we will be asked to read and submit brief comments on eight of the drafts from other writers on the programme.

In addition, we will be required to read thirteen plays between now and November. At present we are on Tennessee Williams’s classic play A Streetcar Named Desire.

Our final drafts of our individual self-penned plays will need to be in sometime in September.

Each class meets on a fortnightly basis (photo of our first meeting above), and we have so far also attended a showcase of the writers from last years course, and a dress rehearsal of a full play.

It’s a testing but exciting schedule and I welcome the discipline required of it. With little experience of writing for the theatre, I recall just how much I wanted to be selected when I walked out my interview in January.

The Royal Court, which is both running and funding the course, is the only one of the four main theatres in Liverpool actively looking for new writers and is regularly approached by the BBC on the look out for new writing talent. And with Liverpool having such a rich history of writers, both for theatre and TV, any association with one of its writing institutions is thrilling.

For my part, I am just wishing to come out of the programme a better writer than when I started it. Which, if I put the effort in, has to be a given.

Inevitably, this will slow down my blogging output, but I will attempt to comment on the blogs that I follow. It’s always interesting to read blogs from those blogging friends from different parts of the world with different stories to tell and viewpoints to consider.

So, although the blogging world is unlikely to notice that my blog average of one blog a month has fallen even further, for now at least I have a good excuse!


  1. You’re right, Paul, this is a fantastic excuse for reducing your blogging output! Many congratulations on being accepted for the course. I hope it lives up to all of your expectations and helps you develop as a writer in the way that you wish. I look forward to hearing how it is going (or went!) at some point. Good luck!

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    1. Thank-you Clive. It’s good to be around writers again and it has given a much needed boost to my confidence. I’m someone who needs to work to a deadline so it’s good to have them to work to. Most of all, I need to enjoy it.

      Thanks again, and I will still be dipping into your posts as often as I can!

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  2. I will miss your one blog per month Paul. I always enjoy reading them. I know you will do well; your blogs are always original, creative and authentic, the Royal Court Theatre is lucky to have you.

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  3. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for you, Paul. It definitely qualifies as a good excuse not to be so active in blogging. I did not know that you had a desire to be a playwright. Best of luck to you, and way to embrace the challenge!

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    1. Thanks Pete, I have made some progress in the past as a scriptwriter but had to put it on the back-burner for a few years. Since coming back about three years ago it has been a struggle, but finally I got a breakthrough via The Royal Court. I can but try.

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  4. That’s brilliant news about being accepted for the Writing Development Programme at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool, Paul. It must be like a dream come true for you.

    You do right by taking a break from blogging. There is no need to get yourself stressed by trying to keep blogging while you’re immersed in the writing course. That course needs your time. And your blog and followers will still be here when you get back.

    Good luck, and I look forward to hearing how it all goes.

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    1. Cheers Hugh, I think the course may help me write more quickly due to the deadlines we are up against and in the long run I hope this has a positive impact on my writing overall.

      I would like to try and do a blog every couple of months if possible, but as you say I won’t get stressed about it.

      Thanks again for your interest and support. Keep up the good work, the blogging world needs you!

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