10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Headspace

  1. Thanks Hugh.

    It is was taken in St Helens, Merseyside in an area called Sutton Manor which was the site of an old coal mine. Like many of the old mining places in a 20 mile or so radius of where I live they have been reconstructed into picnic or walking sites or wetlands; in this case a statue designed to represent a child living in a cleaner and fresher future environment. The statue is called The Dream.

    It has been a controversial choice, but it was chosen by ex-miners so for me that says it all.


    1. I agree, Paul. If the miners chose it, I think it’s right for the area. I believe we have similar art on land that was once coal mines in Wales. I’ll have to check them out, although I know that some coal mines have been turned into visitor sites and museums with some original structures still in place.

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  2. Well anything positive that comes out of it all is good. Coal created communities and of course heated our homes and factories, but has left a terrible scar on the environment and many died in mining tragedies. Sadly, in too many places in the world both of the latter continue.


    1. Hi Afriant, I’m pleased you found the photo interesting.

      It was taken in St Helens in Merseyside, UK. The statue is called The Dream, it is on the site of an old coal mine, and the statue represents a child dreaming of a cleaner, more environmentally healthier future. The statue was chosen by ex-coal miners from the area.

      Thank-you for your interest.

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